Being An Expert Is Killing Your Business | Fernandina Beach, FL dōTERRA Essential Oils

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Wait, what? Yeh girl, you read that right. Go ahead and re-read it, and then...commit it memory. 

Here's the deal: in this business- duplication is key. Simple duplication. You can do all the things, but if what you are doing can't be easily duplicated by every single person in your downline, it's not helping you that much. 

I'm a researcher. I like big picture, small picture, and every picture in between. When I start something new, I really sink my teeth into it. When it comes to essential oils, I know a lot. You could ask me "what's the best oil for" just about anything, and I might not have a complete protocol, but I'll at least be able to point you in the right direction. In my other businesses, it's pretty crucial to know what I'm talking about. But you know what? That's just not necessary in order to have a thriving essential oils business. You don't need to be an expert. 

Say you're teaching a workshop, and your friend Kate is in attendance. Kate has been looking for a work from home job opportunity, and she is passionate about wellness and keeping her family away from toxins. Kate sounds like an excellent addition to your team, doesn't she? One problem- Kate is super intimidated. You see, every question someone asks, you have a quick response to. You know everything about oils, you're pretty much an expert in her eyes, and Kate is convinced that in order to do your job, she has to be an expert, too. 

Now let's try out a second scenario. You're teaching a workshop, and each time someone asks you a question about a specific ailment, your response is, "great question! Let's look it up in The Essential Life and see what is recommended for that!" Kate quickly begins to realize that all she really needs in order to share essentials oils is a good reference book, her oils, and a dose of motivation. She doesn't have to know every oil for every ailment, she just has to be able to read. What you're doing seems easy to replicate. Duplicatable. Kate thinks to herself that she can do what you're doing, and if she can do what you're doing, she can make money, too! Kate joins your team, and then shares in the same way. Both of your teams blossom...all because you don't intimidate people by being an expert, you empower them with tools to build their own business.