How to Host a dōTERRA Make & Take Workshop | Fernandina Beach, FL Essential Oils

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Are you looking for a fun approach to hosting classes? Or maybe you'd just like an excuse to get some girlfriends together for a fun night in or a morning coffee date? A Make & Take Workshop is a super fun way to introduce your friends to essential oils, without the (sometimes) daunting task of teaching a class. These workshops are interactive, hands on, and loads of fun! As an added bonus, everyone gets the opportunity to walk away with some DIY essential oils products! 

Ready to host? My favorite type of Make & Take is a roller bottle workshop. In these workshops, I give attendees the option of five different roller bottle blends they can mix up themselves. Empty roller bottles are $5 each (provided by me), and attendees use my oils to fill their bottles following recipe cards I provide. 


Sounds fun, right?! Here's your step by step guide for a Make & Take Workshop:

  1. Preparation:
    • The key to a successful Make & Take workshop is to be prepared! You need to be sure you know how the workshop will flow, and what you'll be making. After that, you just need to gather your supplies. While you can get super detailed and as fancy as you'd like with your workshop, the basic necessities are few. I highly recommend purchasing Lisa Zimmer's Trifold Brochure. It is a simple, yet incredibly effective way to teach about oils while leading your workshop. Additionally, the trifold is a great tool to have on hand when sharing oils in general. Lisa offers some excellent training videos on her website, and you should watch them before your event! I send a printed Trifold to all of my new customers, and always have a few in my purse. Other products you'll want to purchase or make ahead of time include:
      • Pre-Labeled Empty 5 mL Roller Bottles
      • Recipe Cards
      • Required Oils (having multiple bottles of each oil- even if they are half full- is helpful for the flow of your workshop. I save my empty bottles, then pour half of the new into the empty to have two bottles to pass around. As a bonus, if one gets dropped on accident, you lose less oil)
      • Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO) (be sure to get a pump top or squirt bottle! I like these and these). 
      • A couple of extra Essential Oil Bottle Tools
      • Large reference book, like The Essential Life, for guests with questions. 
      • Drawing Entry Forms
      • A giveaway or two (a bottle of Wild Orange, or a dōTERRA sample vials keychain are great giveaways)
      • A hostess gift (I like to spoil my hostesses! This gift is totally up to you!)
  2. Make a Plan + Get the Word Out
    • Pick a date/time. When you're deciding, keep in mind who you'll be inviting. If you're thinking this will be a fun girls' night in, plan for a night that's convenient for your girlfriends. Let them know what to expect with a personalized invitation. It's fine to text this, and a mass Facebook invite is probably NOT the way to go. Let them know if you'll have coffe and snacks, wine and cheese, or whatever you choose. If you have a friend hosting this for you, be sure to let her decide.
    • Choose a location. It's important that you be able to accommodate your attendees. I like to host in my home, but a park picnic table could also work. Your location doesn't have to be Pinterest perfect, but do tidy up ahead of time, and be sure to make your guests feel welcome and comfortable. 
    • Invite your friends! Unless you have the help of another oily friend, you'll want to cap your RSVP at 8-10 guests. Use this to entice people to commit to coming, and make your event a special, limited time offer.
  3. Set Up
    • Tidy up your event space. Don't forget little things (TP for the bathrooms, napkins, plates and glasses, etc.)
    • Pre-label your empty roller bottles! You can purchase blank labels here, and print them yourself. Don't include the recipe for the blend, but do include the name, use, and your phone number on each label.
    • Set out refreshments. Make sure you have water at a minimum, and I like to have a  bottle of lemon oil sitting next to the glasses for people to use. I love to make these peppermint brownies for any event!
    • Have dōTERRA products peppered throughout your own. I always have OnGuard soap and dispensers by the sinks, a diffuser running with an uplifting blend, etc. 
    • Turn on a little soft music. Nothing weird, just your favorite playlist playing quietly in the background. Nobody likes to walk into an awkwardly quiet home for an event. 
    • Relax and have fun!
  4. Event Time
    • Have your oils reference book close by. When people ask questions ("What oils I use for xx?") during the workshop, politely refer them to the book, and tell them you'd love to help them look up the best oil for that after the event, even if you know the answer. Staying on task will keep the conversation from derailing, not coming across as an expert makes what you do seem more duplicatable to your guests. 
    • Follow Lisa Zimmer's Trifold as you teach through the workshop. 
    • Give plenty of action item opportunities to your guests, and assume they will be making a purchase. 
    • Don't forget to ask guests to host their OWN workshop for you! And ASK FOR REFERALS! 
    • After the close, take time with each guest as you help them enroll. 
  5. After the Event
    • Follow up with your guests! 
    • Offer Essential Oils 101 or continuing education classes for those interested in learning more.
    • Give them another opportunity to host their own workshop with their own friends (may gift them one of the rollers they just made if they agree to be a host! Think incentives!).
    • Schedule Wellness Consultations for those that ordered kits.

That's it! Repeat, repeat, repeat! The beauty in this model is that once you have the supplies, you just keep doing the same thing over and over. You don't have to spend money every time. And because we charge for our *empty* roller bottles, the cost of the workshop to you is covered. With most of my Make & Take Workshops, I turn a profit on just the roller bottles themselves, and then have most of my attendees enroll on kits! It's amazing! 


As an added bonus, this type of workshop allows new Wellness Advocates to share their oils in a relaxed atmosphere, without the stress of teaching a full class. All of my new team members LOVE this model, and Make & Take Workshops make up 80% of the workshops and classes my team are teaching! 


Let me know if you have questions, or share the tips you've learned in hosting your own events in the comments! 

Not a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate, but would love to host a workshop? Email me or JOIN THE TEAM