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As someone who cares about health and wellness, are you sick of chemicals, medications, and/or never being able to make financial ends meet? I provide solutions for all of those things. Whether you're ready to change your health, grow your income, or both, essentials oils are the answer, and I'm here to help.





What are essential oils?

The short answer: potent , POWERFUL natural oils that come from the seeds, bark, stems, flowers, and roots of plants and trees. Essential oils have been used for centuries to promote health and support healing of everything from basic ailments like headaches, all the way to severe health concerns like seizures and cancer. I can give you a much more scientific, detailed answer. But that's boring. If you're interested in the nerdy part- send us an email!  Essential oils are great for cleaning, making your home smell lovely, supporting and boosting your mood, and so much more! 


How exactly does one make money with essential oils?

Another simple answer (see? This isn't so hard!). We work directly for the largest essential oil company in the world, and they pay really well. dōTERRA isn't just an oils company, they are a wellness company. As a Wellness Advocate with dōTERRA, your job is simple. You adopt a natural lifestyle, love it, then share a that lifestyle with others who want the same thing. In today's world, with chemicals and toxins everywhere, who doesn't want to reduce their exposure? We offer chemical free cleaning, reduced dependence on medications, few–if any!–side effects, and overall natural solutions to common ailments. 


Why should you want to work with us?

Simple. We know what we're doing. With decades of experience in entrepreneurship, coupled with the decades of sales experience and earned revenue amassing $100 million, we have learned a few tips and tricks along the way. We weren't always successful. We failed. Then we kept trying. What did we learn? Sales IS a formula (but it's not what your think) and...we have it. And we want to share it with you. Click the "Join Me" tab above! 


What's the cost?

That's the beautiful part. Our coaching is free. You commit to build a business, we commit to help you make it successful. No strings attached. Really. Your only cost is your oils. Let us help you!


Okay...but how much money can really be made?

A lot. Like, a whole lot.





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Ways to purchase

There are three ways to purchase dōTERRA essential oils:

  1. Retail
  2. Wholesale
  3. Below Wholesale

There really isn't a reason why you should EVER pay retail pricing for oils, unless you just want one product one time. This is the most expensive way to purchase. If you like spending extra money on products that you could get significantly cheaper, purchase through my retail website, and checkout as a guest!

wholesale account

Wholesale pricing is exactly as it sounds. You sign up with your own account, and get the equivalent of a Costco card for our essential oils. You receive 25% off of every single purchase you make, shipping is cheap, and you are able to earn rewards points back through our Loyalty Rewards Program. I know you love being wise and saving money, and this is the way to do it. There are no order minimums, no requirements, and no hidden strings. You purchase what you want, when you want it. Want a FREE account?! A wholesale account is included free of charge with each of our Starter Kits (the best way to get started), or can be purchased for $35 (renewed annually)! You'll receive ongoing support from me, access to our members-only group, and a special welcome package from me! Click here to see our most popular kits, or click here to sign up for your own account!



Wellness advocate

Want your oils even cheaper?! All you have to do is SHARE oils as a Wellness Advocate! There is no additional charge to be a Wellness Advocate, and anyone can do it. With dōTERRA, you help other people open their own accounts, and then you get paid. That's it. Not only can you get your oils completely paid for, you can earn lots of EXTRA MONEY, too. I won't lie, this takes a bit of commitment...anywhere from 5-15 hours a week is required to build your own dōTERRA business (depending on how much money you'd like to make). Once you're on my team, you have my support for LIFE! I'm a firm believer that together, we rise. I'll train you on the oils, the business, and you'll earn membership into my exclusive groups for team builders only. These people LOVE dōTERRA, and we all love supporting one another. It is an incredible community and tribe to be a part of. If you're motivated to be your own boss and earn income, I would love to talk to you. Schedule a consultation at your convenience. As with our wholesale accounts, there are no minimum orders. Can you imagine starting your OWN, THRIVING business for less than $500?! This is your opportunity. While the recommended startup cost is $275, we do have options for every budget. 


Frequently Asked Questions...


Q: How do i order a kit?

  • Visit my dōTERRA website or click on "Get Started!" above. 
  • Select "Join and Save."
  • Select your language and country. 
  • Select “wholesale customer.”  
  • Input your personal info. Double check my referral ID number 4513167 (Meredith Rowe) is there so you get your freebies!
  • Select enrollment kit of choice.
  • Click “process order now”. 
  • You will a receive a confirmation email from doTERRA and then some personal emails from me to show you how to access our online oil community. 

Q: Do I have to purchase every month?

Nope! With a wholesale account, you are eligible to participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program and receive 10-30% back in free product when you order monthly, but it is definitely NOT required. 

Q: What if i can't afford a kit? can i still become a member?

Absolutely! The price of a membership is $35 and lasts for one year.  It’s similar to a  Costco membership...only better. If you choose to renew your membership the following year it is only $25 plus, you receive a free bottle of peppermint with each renewal. Renewal is 100% optional, and there is no fee for not renewing. 

Q: do i have to have a wholesale account to purchase oils?

You don't! While a wholesale account is a cheaper way to purchase, you're welcome to purchase via my retail site here

Q: What is the difference between a wholesale customer and wellness advocate?

Wellness Advocates and Wholesale Customers share many of the same benefits. Advocates are able to earn commissions for sharing dōTERRA with others, and receive a free personal website from dōTERRA. You can become a wholesale customer and upgrade to a wellness advocate for free at any time. Email me for help with this.